Any platform access

Access your camera from any available platform

Mobile access

Accessable from any mobile device where ever you are.

Easy to Customize

Easy to integrate with other IP based systems

Difference between analog and IP systems

There is no doubt that IP cameras are far more superior then your traditional Analog CCTV cameras. The technology is better, the resolution is better, the quality is better. But IP does have a price. I would say when you are dealing with quality products IP cameras and NVR are double the price. So it is up to you to evaluate the cost and your budget to see if that price increase is worth it to you.


We are working with top equipment brands to provide the best quality products for your needs.
All installed products come with supplier original warranty wich is maintained by our technical team. Maintenance is carried out based on product specification.
Our aim is to provide best quality service for your safety.

About us

Originally established in Latvia in 2016 as a small business our company has grown rapidly into one of the main service providers in both commercial and private sectors.

We have worked with such big brands as IKEA, Swedbank, Senukai, Latvija Shipping Company, RIMI and many more. 



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